Pink Floyd If

from Atom Heart Mother
Intro: E  B7

E                         D
If I were a swan, I'd be gone 
E                          D
If I were a train, I'd be late 
    E            C#(I)
And if I were a good man 
     F#/C#             B7            E
I'd talk with you more often than I do

If I were to sleep I could dream 
If I were afraid I could hide 
If I go insane 
Please don't put your wires in my brain

If I were the moon, I'd be cool 
If I were a root, I would bend 
If I were a good man 
I'd understand the spaces between friends

If I were alone, I would cry 
And if I were with you, I'd be home and dry 
And if I go insane 
Will you still let me join in with the game.