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Five Months in a Car

On my way between Whyalla and Port Augusta, I notice that the clouds began to thicken on the horizon, and rain curtains begin to appear. There's nothing more scenic than a distant rain curtain, especially on these large ochre plains, where you can see far and wide!

The storm is brewing.The storm is brewing.

Everything is getting ready.Everything is getting ready.

The curtains.The curtains.

Lots of them!Lots of them!

Looks rather menacing.Looks rather menacing.

I take a few stops along the highway as the clouds and the rain curtains quickly change their shape. Finally, I pull over not too far from the wind power station, and this proves to be an excellent area for this kind of photography. The windmills and the twisty trees provide an excellent foreground for the storm as it keeps unfolding in the west.

The remains.The remains.

The real action is just about to begin.The real action is just about to begin.

Let there be more curtains!Let there be more curtains!


We're in this together.We're in this together.

Will the windmills stand?Will the windmills stand?

Two and one.Two and one.

Embracing the sky.Embracing the sky.

Not unlike a tornado.Not unlike a tornado.

Still together.Still together.

Changing things up.Changing things up.

The tooth of the sky.The tooth of the sky.

The tooth in context.The tooth in context.

“Tornado” 2.0.“Tornado” 2.0.

More rain coming up!More rain coming up!

In the face of the storm.In the face of the storm.

The silver linings.The silver linings.

Very happy about the photos that I just made, I get back in the car and resume the journey. However, one of the rain curtains intercepts me, and I have to pull over again, simply because the rain is so intense. I even get some hail! Definitely one of the most violent storms I've ever experienced. Luckily, it ends very quick, and at least I won't have to wash my car now.

Did someone order a hailstorm?Did someone order a hailstorm?

The aftermath.The aftermath.

Beautiful light.Beautiful light.


The air is fresh, moist, and completely still by the time I arrive at my camping spot, which is a rest area of sorts not too far off the highway and from Augusta itself. I can even see the lights of the town as the skies darken. I can also see the quick lightning strikes here and there as it gets fully dark, and I decide to use this opportunity to try and shoot them, which I've never done before. Some of the pictures turn out quite alright, surprisingly!

The day is almost over.The day is almost over.


Last rays.Last rays.

Time to shoot some lightning.Time to shoot some lightning.


Bang again!Bang again!

Well, it's been a long day, and now it's definitely time to go to bed. I still have to find my camping spot for the next week tomorrow, after all.

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