Join me on a trip or two that I've taken over the years across the Australian outback!

Strzelecki and Sturt

Published on 28 October 2016

Australian spring (or autumn) is the best time to travel around its southern areas. Not too cold, not too hot, scenery and wildlife are at their best. And you don't even have to drive too far away to find something to see and do. This time my journey takes me deeper inland, to the hot and arid deserts of northern South Australia.

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To the Pilbara and Back

Published on 26 May 2016

Pilbara is the name of the region in the north-west of Western Australia, and its boundaries are quite vague. It means one thing for geologists, the other for travellers, the third for the government, the fourth for the mining companies. For me personally, this place seemed like a land of very ancient history with a very unique vibe, along with a few well-known national parks; and whether it fits someone's definition or not, it doesn't really matter.

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A Trip to Gawler Ranges

Published on 30 November 2016

After I finished my last journey, I realised that I want more, and that I need to go somewhere else. This time the travel bug took me to the nearby Gawler Ranges.

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Around Australia in 22 Days

Published on 30 May 2016

A car trip around Australia? I can't remember how exactly I came up up with this particular idea, but it's very easy to find out when it happened: August 2015. According to Google Docs, this was exactly when I had created a spreadsheet where I began to outline the itinerary in full detail. Soon it became clear that a month would be more than enough to achieve this. The question was: when?

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