Dream Theater Disappear

from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

Dm/A  Bbm   Dm/A   Bbm
Dm/A  Bbm   Dm/A   Bbm

Dm  G/B  Am  C/G
Dm  G/B  Am  C

  Dm  G/B                  Am   C/G
Why, tell me the reasons why
  Dm   G/B                Am   C
Try, still I don't understand
 Dm  G/B                Am   C/G
Will I ever feel this again
  Dm   G/B   Am                   C
Blue sky,    I'll meet you in the end
  Dm   G/B   Am                  C/G
Free them, free the memories of you
  Dm  G/B  Am                       C
Free me,   and rest ‘till I'm with you

F             E
A day like today
          Am              Em
My whole world has been changed
F            Bb
Nothing you say
          E        F     Dm/A   Bbm   Dm/A   Bbm
Will help ease my pain

 Dm   G/B                    Am   C/G
Turn, I'll turn this slowly round
 Dm    G/B                 Am   C
Burn, burn to feel alive again
  Dm   G/B                 Am   C/G
She, she'd want me to move on
 Dm  G/B    Am                  C      
See me,   this place I still belong
 Dm    G/B      Am                    Am/G
Give chase, to find more than I have found
Dm   G/B    Am                C
And face, this time now on my own

F          E
Days disappear
        Am           Em
And my world keeps changing
F           Bb
I feel you here
        E        F    B   F
And it keeps me sane

Bbm           F#maj7
So I'm moving on
               C#/F       Fm            G#
I'll never forget as you lay there and watched me
Bbm           F#maj7
Accepting the end
                  C#/F              Fm          G#
I knew you were scared, you were strong I was trying
Bbm            F#maj7
I gave you my hand
              C#/F                   Fm    G#
I said it's okay letting go time to leave here
Bbm            F#maj7
And I'll carry on
                 C#/F                   Fm   G#
The best that I can without you here beside me
Bbm               F#       F    Bbm  Cm7-5   F/C
Let him come and take you home 


Dm/A  Bbm   Dm/A   Bbm   (repeat and fade)