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Two day's journey.Two day's journey.

I've been to the Innes National Park a short while ago, so I'm not planning to stay there for long. In fact, I'm not planning to stay there at all! I decide to take a different road back to the mainland, and the unsealed part of it is supposed to be “scenic”. Well, it kind of is: sea, rocks, and all that stuff, plus the hazy bulk of the Kangaroo Island in the distance. However, the day is very sunny already, and it's very difficult to do good photography in such bright, brutal light.

Merry Christmas, hey hey!Merry Christmas, hey hey!

A roadside shingleback.A roadside shingleback.

It's not just sunny, however; it's also hot. It's very hot, in fact: by the time I reach Kadina, the thermometer is pushing 40 degrees centigrade. I pass more than a few small towns on my way, but the streets are completely empty, as if wiped out by a plague. Or heat. Or Christmas. One of the three. I don't blame the people: in this heat, surrounded by myriads of flies once you step outside, it's not a very good time to be outside. It's quite windy, too. South Australian summers are always hot, but 40°C is a bit too much even by their standards. No, I'm definitely not going to the Red Centre this time around.

It's very, <i>very</i> hot right now.It's very, very hot right now.

The road to the Lincoln National Park is completely uneventful, and by 8 o'clock, when I get there, the sun is about to go down. So, thankfully, does the temperature. At the camping grounds, there's a large family right next to my spot, but the kids seem to be well-behaved, and the father seems to be a very nice bloke. He even warns me not to use water from the tank nearby: looks like some of his family are already sick from trying it. Wasn't going to, but – thanks, mate.

The campsite is quite busy: it's public holidays, and it's definitely less hot out here, next to the sea. It's very interesting to be here, actually: even though I lived in Adelaide for 8 years, I never got around to actually visit the Eyre, and it took a move to NSW to finally get here. The region looks a lot like the Yorke, to be honest; but there are some tiny bits and pieces that somehow set it apart.

Sun sets over the Lincoln National Park.Sun sets over the Lincoln National Park.

In the morning I drive around the various points of interest in the park, trying to steal as many good shots as I can before afternoon. It only takes me a few hours – the park is not that big, after all – however, the summer sun is very vicious even at this hour. By the time I leave the national park and arrive to the next one, near Coffin Bay, my arms become completely red. I don't like using sunscreen when I'm travelling, because this way I feel all sticky and need to take more showers than I would otherwise... but this time it looks like I should have. It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, so I quickly scout the nearby locations for a potential sunset shoot and set a temporary camp on the grounds nearby. Luckily, my neighbours (also very friendly, and also from New South Wales) have some aloe vera with them, which helps a lot. Thanks, guys!

Sun is greeting the Eyre Peninsula.Sun is greeting the Eyre Peninsula.

At the Donington Beach.At the Donington Beach.

Very rocky out here.Very rocky out here.

See what I mean?See what I mean?

And this one is the Carcase Rock.And this one is the Carcase Rock.

And a few unnamed rocks nearby.And a few unnamed rocks nearby.

Life will find a way!Life will find a way!

At the Horse Rock Beach.At the Horse Rock Beach.

The sea is nice and cool... but the sun is bright and <i>hot!</i>The sea is nice and cool... but the sun is bright and hot!

At the Wanna Lookout.At the Wanna Lookout.

These cliffs are <i>very</i> tall.These cliffs are very tall.

The sea is quite rough on these rocks.The sea is quite rough on these rocks.


A local goanna.A local goanna.

In the evening, I head out onto the Almonta Beach for my sunset scenery, and the place certainly delivers. It's strewn with so many interesting rocks, which always make for a good composition, and they look just perfect in the golden hazy light of the setting sun. In my personal list, Coffin Bay certainly beats Lincoln National Park in terms of interesting views; I could certainly see myself coming back here some day!

Heading out on the Almonta Beach.Heading out on the Almonta Beach.

The rocks look marvellous in this light.The rocks look marvellous in this light.

Shadows getting longer.Shadows getting longer.

See the bird? It also loves this sunset.See the bird? It also loves this sunset.

The Pelican and the Iron Throne.The Pelican and the Iron Throne.

Time to call it a day.Time to call it a day.

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