My name is Sergey Vidusov, and I am a digital hobo: working on the road and travelling all over Australia, wherever my mood (and the weather forecasts) takes me.

As a software engineer by trade and a restlessly creative mind overall, I've built this place years ago as a standalone blog. More than a few paradigms have shifted since then, so now it's primarily a place for my creative exploits of various sorts.

As an Australian inhabitant of almost ten years, I explore the country at every opportunity. The travel bug has turned me into an avid photographer and an amateur four-wheel driver, and I've succumbed to these passions wholeheartedly.

If you feel like using this website's materials in any way that would involve profit-making, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would contact me first. I'm pretty sure we can work something out.

Thanks for popping by, and enjoy your stay!

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