Lake Brou

6 Jun 2020 Travels, New South Wales
I leave the big smoke once more and head off to the Eurobodalla National Park. Never heard of it? Me neither. It's very small, and out here a small Lake Brou comes very close to the Pacific Ocean, with a nice large campground situated on a strip of forested ground in between. The local trees look rather fetching and peculiar, and both the lake and the ocean have plenty to offer in terms of natural beauty.

Self-Isolation on the Murrumbidgee River

9 Apr 2020 Travels, New South Wales
For now I will set my camp on the quiet Murrumbidgee River. This beautiful spot is situated about 20 km off the town called Hay, and it is completely empty (the spot, of course, not the town), which is exactly the way I like it.

Out of the Mountains and into Uncertainty

28 Mar 2020 Travels, New South Wales, Blue Mountains
The crazy bushfires of summer have long gone, but the traces of it are still very much present. Blackened tree trunks stretch out as far as the eye can see, and so does the ashen dirt. However, the nature is rapidly recovering itself, and more and more green grass and shoots drape over the desolation and destruction with each passing day. This is what it's like at the Clarence Dam, a small locality in the Blue Mountains not too far away from Lithgow, NSW.

Back to the Blue Mountains

21 Mar 2020 Travels, New South Wales, Blue Mountains
By now I'm back in the Blue Mountains, near a town called Ellenborough. A small park/forest reserve close by is clearly a popular spot among locals and passers-by; I'm lucky enough to find myself a spot in the corner. It's so much more humid here, and a tiny bit colder, but that's fine. The surrounding tree-covered mountain slopes, and a small river nearby, provide me with a few opportunities to take a picture or too.

Split Rock Dam

15 Mar 2020 Travels, New South Wales
On the 15th of March I arrive at the Split Rock Dam, which is about 40 minutes north of Tamworth, NSW. The name is not exactly poetic, but the lake itself looks quite lovely, surrounded by gently rising green hills and a surprisingly small amount of campers. This is where I am to spend the upcoming week, so let's see how that goes.

Lake Coolmunda

7 Mar 2020 Travels, Queensland
The new goal is to be back in New South Wales by the end of March. There's plenty of time for the mileage, so I am not in any hurry. Therefore, my next camping spot is still in Queensland, albeit very close to the state border: a place called Lake Coolmunda promises nice views and a fair share of facilities and pretty views for only $10 per night (and a weekly discount). Can't say no to that!

Lake Leslie

22 Feb 2020 Travels, Queensland
It feels so good to be on the road again, after such a long break. I do love Sydney with all my heart; but the great beyond outside the city limits is still so enticing and full of all kinds of beauty. Especially when the road takes you across the Great Dividing Range and into New England: a very picturesque and a very undulating region of New South Wales, not to be confused with its American counterpart. (Funny how, once again, everything is upside down here in Aus: “England” is a part of “Wales” and not the other way around.)

Boyne Valley (and the End of the Line)

28 Dec 2019 Travels, Queensland, New South Wales
3000 kilometres in 3 days across the scorching hot Australian hinterland in a car without the air con. Sounds like fun, right? I agree, and I can't wait to begin. What better way to end the Christmas holidays and meet the new year!

Christmas in Darwin

23 Dec 2019 Travels, Darwin, Northern Territory
And so it comes to pass that in the early afternoon of December the 23rd, after 2,500 km of all kinds of roads (from “meh” to terrible), I finally reach Darwin. Been a while! The city looks almost exactly as I remember it, albeit noticeably more cloudy, hot and humid. The wet season is in full swing here, this far north, and hopefully I'll get to witness some of the numerous thunderstorms that the region is so famous for.

Across the Gulf Country

21 Dec 2019 Travels, Gulf Country, Queensland
There's slightly over 2,500 kilometres from Townsville to Darwin, and most of it lies across the vast stretch of land called the Gulf Country. It's a very strange place... or at least it feels strange to me, but more on that later. There are two roads that I can take through the area, and I choose the harder: the so-called Savannah Way, which will take me very close to the Gulf itself and force me to tackle about 500 km of unsealed roads. Sounds like fun? Well, maybe not too much, but there should be a room for adventure in life, eh?