The new goal is to be back in New South Wales by the end of March. There's plenty of time for the mileage, so I am not in any hurry. Therefore, my next camping spot is still in Queensland, albeit very close to the state border: a place called Lake Coolmunda promises nice views and a fair share of facilities and pretty views for only $10 per night (and a weekly discount). Can't say no to that!

They have some pretty awesome clouds out here.They have some pretty awesome clouds out here.

Am I right?Am I right?

Quite windy, though.Quite windy, though.

But rather beautiful.But rather beautiful.

There is indeed plenty of room by the lake, and not a lot of people at all (especially when compared to Lake Leslie). Facilities are in decent shape, and there's plenty of sun all day round to power my new home, and there's literally nothing to complain about. Except the wind. It's quite windy all day every day, and my hopes to see some beautiful reflections in the lake with some beautiful Queensland clouds wane more and more with every passing day. Well, at least I can try and photograph the pretty flowers nearby, and the clouds are still quite spectacular in their own right.

A quiet morning.A quiet morning.

My new home is pretty awesome.My new home is pretty awesome.

Good thing about my new camper is that it's not nearly as susceptible to wind damage as my awning tent used to be. Another nice thing not to worry about is power: the new battery in the camper (200 Ah, lithium) is much more powerful and robust than the secondary battery of my Prado. I did have some problems with shadow at Lake Leslie, where I was forced to deploy my older solar panels in addition to the ones I have on the roof of the trailer; luckily, here I don't have to do any of that, because I'm open to sunlight all day long. And it's not very hot, either: the trailer is insulated reasonably well.

A flower in the shadow...A flower in the shadow...

...same flower in the light....same flower in the light.

The golden light.The golden light.

The golden everything.The golden everything.

The golden rising moon.The golden rising moon.

That looks... interesting.That looks... interesting.


More sunbeams! Yay!More sunbeams! Yay!


Someone's boat.Someone's boat.

The sky is going nuts.The sky is going nuts.

The glowing embers of the day.The glowing embers of the day.

So nice and quiet here in the morning.So nice and quiet here in the morning.

Ducks certainly agree.Ducks certainly agree.

Hello again, boat!Hello again, boat!

Time flies by rather quickly when you're busy with your day job most of the time. And, as the week ends and the Saturday begins, it is time for me to move closer to Sydney (as per my earlier plans) and find another picturesque spot with mobile coverage for the next week. What will it be, I wonder? Time to fire up WikiCamps...

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