Chilli Beach

18 Aug 2020 Travels, Queensland, Tropics, Cape York

Cape York Peninsula

5 Aug 2020 Travels, Queensland, Tropics, Cape York

Daintree National Park

2 Aug 2020 Travels, Queensland, Tropics

Atherton Tableland

26 Jul 2020 Travels, Queensland

Off to the Tropics

4 Jul 2020 Travels, Queensland, New South Wales

Lake Coolmunda

7 Mar 2020 Travels, Queensland
The new goal is to be back in New South Wales by the end of March. There's plenty of time for the mileage, so I am not in any hurry. Therefore, my next camping spot is still in Queensland, albeit very close to the state border: a place called Lake Coolmunda promises nice views and a fair share of facilities and pretty views for only $10 per night (and a weekly discount). Can't say no to that!

Lake Leslie

22 Feb 2020 Travels, Queensland
It feels so good to be on the road again, after such a long break. I do love Sydney with all my heart; but the great beyond outside the city limits is still so enticing and full of all kinds of beauty. Especially when the road takes you across the Great Dividing Range and into New England: a very picturesque and a very undulating region of New South Wales, not to be confused with its American counterpart. (Funny how, once again, everything is upside down here in Aus: “England” is a part of “Wales” and not the other way around.)

Boyne Valley (and the End of the Line)

28 Dec 2019 Travels, Queensland, New South Wales
3000 kilometres in 3 days across the scorching hot Australian hinterland in a car without the air con. Sounds like fun, right? I agree, and I can't wait to begin. What better way to end the Christmas holidays and meet the new year!

Sunsets and Sandflies of Salmon Creek

15 Dec 2019 Travels, Queensland, Tropics
The road to Townsville is quite uneventful, and only a few isolated mountains here and there provide some scenery. The number of mango stalls increases proportionally as I drive further north, as does the number of sugarcane fields. I most certainly have been here back in 2016, but I'll be damned if I remember any of all this. The region is probably worth taking a closer look... unfortunately, I can't spare the time. Some other day (or some other year, more likely).

Across the Gulf Country

21 Dec 2019 Travels, Gulf Country, Queensland
There's slightly over 2,500 kilometres from Townsville to Darwin, and most of it lies across the vast stretch of land called the Gulf Country. It's a very strange place... or at least it feels strange to me, but more on that later. There are two roads that I can take through the area, and I choose the harder: the so-called Savannah Way, which will take me very close to the Gulf itself and force me to tackle about 500 km of unsealed roads. Sounds like fun? Well, maybe not too much, but there should be a room for adventure in life, eh?

Sunsets, Fires, and Cows of Mackay

9 Dec 2019 Travels, Queensland, Tropics, Bushfires
Ah, the tropical Queensland! All the heat, and humidity, and the blazing sun that is so ridiculously high up in the sky. It's not that bad at this latitude and at this time of the year, though, and being so close to the sea also helps. Not that I can swim in it, though: apparently, saltwater crocodiles are known to visit this area from time to time, because there's more than a few warning signs installed nearby. However, the very first thing I see on my very first night here is the young couple with a kid, splashing around merrily in the shallow waters. Either they don't know something about the crocs, or I.

Around Australia in 22 days: Brisbane

5 May 2016 Travels, Queensland, Brisbane
In the morning the whole tent is covered in thick dew, so I have to pack it as is, soaking wet. It will stay that way in the Tucson's boot for two days, because both in Brisbane and Sydney I will be staying in proper houses.

Around Australia in 22 days: The Land of Sugarcane

4 May 2016 Travels, Queensland
When I wake up, the sun is up, too, which is unusually late for me. Then again, Townsville's tyre shops don't open until 8:30 anyway. When I do arrive there, they finally tell me that they do have 235/60, and half an hour later I drive away with brand new front tyres. Hooray!

Around Australia in 22 days: The East Coast

3 May 2016 Travels, Queensland
In the morning, when I visit the toilet facilities, I suddenly see a white frog on the seat. I lift the seat to scare it off, but apparently the creature is all too familiar with human ways and simply crawls higher up, looking at me angrily. I shrug and enter another stall. Already sitting there, I glance to the right and see another frog, which is green and about twice as big. I keep glancing at it nervously until I'm done with my business. Croydon: the frog capital of Queensland.

Around Australia in 22 days: The Gulf of Carpentaria

2 May 2016 Travels, Gulf Country, Queensland, Outback
After having slept beautifully, I get up at 5 a.m. and finish eating and packing up before dawn. As the sun rises, I add a bit more oil to the engine (just in case) and take off. Ahead lie Queensland and the mining town of Mount Isa.

Strzelecki Track: Sturt National Park

15 Oct 2017 Travels, Queensland, New South Wales, Cameron Corner
No wind at night = excellent sleep. At least while I'm still travelling with a tent, anyway. I'm off at 7:15, ready to explore my way down south. Coincidentally, this is where the sealed road ends for me as well. I stop to deflate the tyres next to the hotel's amenities block and suddenly discover that they have free showers there (unless you feel like making a gold coin donation at the hotel desk). Well, plenty of time for hygiene later.

Strzelecki Track: Strzelecki Desert

14 Oct 2017 Travels, Queensland, South Australia, Outback, Strzelecki Track
Windy night did not make for a good night's sleep indeed, but it's not like I came here for comfort, is it? It's still windy and chilly when I pack up my camp and head out at 7 a.m., but the sun is out and the skies are clear: going to be a hot one today. The landscape becomes more and more flat and featureless as I drive on amidst the quickly shortening shadows.