Out of the Mountains and into Uncertainty

28 Mar 2020 Travels, New South Wales, Blue Mountains
The crazy bushfires of summer have long gone, but the traces of it are still very much present. Blackened tree trunks stretch out as far as the eye can see, and so does the ashen dirt. However, the nature is rapidly recovering itself, and more and more green grass and shoots drape over the desolation and destruction with each passing day. This is what it's like at the Clarence Dam, a small locality in the Blue Mountains not too far away from Lithgow, NSW.

Back to the Blue Mountains

21 Mar 2020 Travels, New South Wales, Blue Mountains
By now I'm back in the Blue Mountains, near a town called Ellenborough. A small park/forest reserve close by is clearly a popular spot among locals and passers-by; I'm lucky enough to find myself a spot in the corner. It's so much more humid here, and a tiny bit colder, but that's fine. The surrounding tree-covered mountain slopes, and a small river nearby, provide me with a few opportunities to take a picture or too.

The Three Sisters and Other Wonders of the Blue Mountains

31 Mar 2019 Travels, New South Wales, Blue Mountains
Two months of no photography at all is way too much time with no photography at all. Enough is enough! Time to hit the road again, and even if it doesn't take me as far as it often does, there still will be opportunities to capture a good landscape or two. If the scenery, weather, and my own travelling plans all come together, that is.