Toward the Within
C:      x32010
Em/B:   x22000
Am:     x02210
Asus4:  x02230
G:      320003
D:      xx0232
Em:     022000
E:      022100
Cmaj7:  x32000
Dmaj7:  xx0222
Amaj7:  x02120
B:      x24442
A/E:    x7765x
G/A:    x5543x
F/C:    x3321x
E/B:    x2210x

Intro:  C  Em/B  C  Em/B  Am  Asus4  Am  Asus4

       C     Em/B  C  Em/B
Don't fade away
     Am        Asus4  Am  Asus4
My brown-eyed girl
      C         Em/B  C  Em/B
Come walk with me
                Am        Asus4  Am  Asus4
I'll fill your heart with joy

           G                D   Em
And we'll dance through our isolation
 G                     D            Em
Seeking solace in the wisdom we bestow
 G                       D           Em
Turning thoughts to the here and everafter
    G                   D       Em
Consuming fears in our fiery halos

      C       Em/B  C  Em/B
Say what you mean
       Am      Asus4  Am  Asus4
Mean what you say
      C         Em/B  C  Em/B
I've heard that innocence
           Am      Asus4  Am  Asus4
Has led us all astray

           G        D             Em
But don't let them make you and break you
     G                           D            Em
The world is filled with their broken empty dreams
 G           D         Em
Silence is their only virtue
 G             D                   Em
Locked away inside their silent screams
But for now
Let us dance away
This starry night
 Amaj7                          Dmaj7
Filled with the glow of fiery stars
And with the dawn
Our sun will rise
  Cmaj7                       Dmaj7
Bringing a symphony of bird cries

Bridge:  Amaj7  Dmaj7  Amaj7  Dmaj7  Cmaj7  Dmaj7  Cmaj7  Dmaj7

E               C    D
Don't bring me down now
C        D              E
Let me stay here for awhile
                 C    D
You know life's too short
C       D                   E
Let me bathe here in your smile
          C  D
I'm transcending
C    D             A
The fall from the garden.
  Cmaj7  B  A  Cmaj7  B  A  Cmaj7  B  A  Cmaj7  B  A/E  G/A  F/C  E/B
Mmmm... (vocalising on top of music)
Good night.