After the previous expedition, it became more or less clear to me where I want to go again and what take a closer look at. I had outlined a few trips in my mind since then, and as the time for another road trip came closer, I chose Pilbara to be the first of them.

Pilbara is the name of the region in the north-west of Western Australia, and its boundaries are quite vague. It means one thing for geologists, the other for travellers, the third for the government, the fourth for the mining companies. For me personally, this place seemed like a land of very ancient history with a very unique vibe, along with a few well-known national parks; and whether it fits someone's definition or not, it doesn't really matter.

Also, this trip was supposed to take place on a great many dirt roads, so I had to educate myself a little about bush mechanics and vehicle emergencies. I also bought a second spare tyre along with some more tools and bits and pieces of new camping gear. Some of it did indeed see some use, some didn't… but I'll get to that in the end of the story.

Three weeks, I decided, should be enough for everything, even with all those dirt roads in unknown condition. Also: no travel mates for this one. Sometimes it does get lonely, of course, but overall having someone else at your side constantly is more distracting than beneficial, I found.

Despite a few setbacks, everything was completely ready by the 6th of May. And if everything's ready, there's no reason to postpone the trip or the story, is there?

Let's get to it, then.

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